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Annotated Bibliography

*note: Primary sources were not found for this particular topic.    

Secondary Sources


Heaps, Willard A. “Assassination: A Special Kind of Murder.  New York. Hawthorn Books Inc., 1969.

        This book helped us understand more about assassination in censorship. It helped us with our portion of doing assassination. Good info, though not not 

        all were used in this project.



Ayearst, Morkey, and Petulla, Rev. Joseph M. “Censorship.” Merit Students Encyclopedia. Vol. 4 287-288.

        Good and important information, explained things thoroughly and showed examples. Needed pictures.



“Book Banning.” Compton’s Interactive Encyclopedia Deluxe.  CD-ROM. The Learning Company Inc., 1998.

        General overview of book banning. Gave some examples but not as informative as “censorship.”


“Censorship.” Compton’s Interactive Encyclopedia Deluxe. CD-ROM. The Learning Company Inc., 1998.

        Basic facts about censorship. Not a whole lot of information, but at least almost all the facts were precise and correct.


“African Literature.” Microsoft Encarta Encyclopedia 99.  CD-ROM. Microsoft Corporation, 1993.

        African literature at the time was the least developed due to Portuguese censorship laws. Good, general example of censorship and reaction.


“Anaxagoras.” Microsoft Encarta Encyclopedia 99. CD-ROM. Microsoft Corporation, 1993.

        Not exactly the greatest information. Situation much like Socrates’ situation.


“Censorship.” Microsoft Encarta Encyclopedia99.  CD-ROM. Microsoft Corporation, 1993.

        Explained pretty much and described censorship/book burnings in the Middle Ages. Gave interesting quotes, though weren’t totally related to         

        censorship. Pretty general information.


“Enlightenment, Age of.” Microsoft Encarta Encyclopedia 99. CD-ROM. Microsoft Corporation, 1993.

        Really good and wide range of censorship meanings. Gave examples about censorship in the Catholic Church. Censorship in science or philosophy     



“Ovid.” Microsoft Encarta Encyclopedia 99.  CD-ROM. Microsoft Corporation, 1993.

        Not very helpful information. We decided to move on…………


“Protagoras.” Microsoft Encarta Encyclopedia 99.   CD-ROM. Microsoft Corporation, 1993.

        Example of one’s works being burned. Philosopher Protagoras’s works burned. Later exiled then drowned while journeying to Sicily.


“Socrates.” Microsoft Encarta Encyclopedia 99. CD-ROM. Microsoft Corporation, 1993.

        Related Socrates’ situation with censorship. Not that much related, but similar as of the treatment of people/authors of works being burned and/or censored.


Web Sources

“Quotes on Censorship.”

        Gave out “questionable” quotes on censorship. Helped us enhance project.



        Gave examples of censorship in Judaism (works). Books and writing that have been censored before include the Bible and books written by people.


“The Censorship Pages.”

        Nice links and good information. Not exactly what we were looking for, but will do.


“Banned Book & Censorship Resources.”

        Interesting site, mostly with lists of resources to find more info on censorship. Must have taken person really long time to create such a long list…


“The Online Books Page.”

        Gave links to censorship and book banning. Also had some interesting, REALLY in-depth info on censorship. Interesting site, however.


“Censorship of Books.”

        Gives a very long description, definition, and history of censorship. Very thorough in explaining censorship. Loads of information that may help us.


“CHINA: Book Banned.”

        Has some appealing information on book banning in China. Needs to be more organized, however.


“Banned Books Online.”

        Gave A LOT of examples of books having been censored since ancient ages. Great site with fabulous examples.


“The Censorship of Books Violates the Constitution.”

        A HUGE essay on censorship and how it violates the constitution. Talks about literally everything when censorship goes over the law of constitution. 

        New info though, which was good. 

Censorship and Book Burning.”

        Helped us with getting quotes and make our project more interesting. Good quotes on censorship and included minor info on the quote.

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