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John Brown's Early Life and Family


    On May 9, 1800, during an epoch when when America began undertaking a 60 year debate on the issue of slavery, John Brown was born in Torrington, Connecticut. It was an era when talk of freedom, justice, and equality was everywhere.

    John Brown's parents were a deeply religious, antislavery farming couple. His father, Owen Brown, was a Calvinist and thus believed that God was color-blind. 

    The words about freedom and equality that John Brown's  father died for in the Revolutionary War guided John's own life. Owen taught children to fear God and evade sin. Furthermore, he taught that slavery was a grievous sin against God and all people, including black slaves, were children of God. 

He impressed this belief on his family, and John Brown's revolt and raid against slavery was the result of his father's great influences. 



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